Worker’s Compensation

Florida’s Workers’ Compensation Insurance Program

Understanding the legal system of Florida’s Workers’ Compensation Insurance Program and the constant changes to workers’ compensation laws can be extremely challenging. Rules which govern when an accident should be reported and the statue of limitations that apply to an on the job injury are critically important for you, or someone you know who has been injured, to know and fully understand. Simple rules, such as the year or month your accident took place or was reported, can greatly impact your entitled benefits. Knowledge of the law and rules which the Florida’s Workers’ Compensation Insurance program governs by is one of many reasons why it is so important to seek legal representation if you have sustained an on the job injury.  At the Law Offices of Douglas W. Bond, we understand your rights and your employer’s legal obligations. If you have been injured on the job, obtaining legal representation is in your best interest! This is why we offer a FREE Consultation. A well informed client helps us ensure you will receive all of the benefits available to you under the law.

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Workers compensation

Orlando Workers Compensation Attorney

Trying to negotiate the legal system and the red-tape of insurance companies without experienced legal representation is not only frustrating it can greatly affect the outcome of your case and benefits. At the Law Offices of Douglas W. Bond, we have been representing injured workers for nearly two decades. Our job is to ensure all entitled benefits, such as medical care, prescriptions, lost wages, and medical mileage, are paid or reimbursed to you, the injured party. Additionally, if you are a candidate to receive vocation retraining, our job is to ensure the benefit is made available to you. We recognize the pain and financial pressures you are suffering because of your accident and we are here to help you cut through the red tape and maximize your entitled benefits.

Florida’s Worker’s Compensation Insurance Program is established to insure benefits are made available to those injured on the job. It is a program that most Florida businesses are required to pay into by carrying mandated workers’ compensation insurance. The insurance is to pay an employee if there is an on the job injury, regardless of whether the injury was the employee’s fault or not.

If you have suffered an injury, especially an injury that may have lingering effects, you need legal representation. Attorney Douglas Bond began his legal career representing some of Florida’s largest insurance companies. He is all too familiar with the practices and strategies of insurance companies, and he uses his knowledge to give his clients a legal edge. Attorney Bond wants to make sure YOU are fully informed of ALL your legal rights. He wants to be sure you receive all benefits made available for your on the job injury. For additional information on legal representation and your rights as the injured, take a look at the Benefits of Legal Representation and Rights of the Injured section of our website. Please call us at 407-628-BOND (2663), if you have questions or to schedule a FREE Consultation. Remember, NO case is too large or too small; and all questions are important and deserve to be answered.

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