Benefits of Legal Representation

At the Law Offices of Douglas W. Bond, we understand the life-altering challenges your are experiencing and we want to make sure you are aware of all your legal rights and remedies.When you have suffered an injury, through no fault of your own, you’re unable to work, your bills continue to come due, you need HELP! You need legal representation to assist you in obtaining entitled benefits. You need a personal advocate. You need someone who stays informed on current changes in the laws and understands:


Whether you have suffered an on the job injury or a personal injury, laws vary by state and with individual situations. Unless you just happen to work in the legal field, more than likely you are unfamiliar with the laws governing your specific situation. Consequently, you probably are unaware of what you are legally entitled to, which makes you and your claim vulnerable to insurance companies, employers and adjusters. Hiring an attorney who specializes in workers’ comp or personal injury and has extensive experience representing the injured is critical. You need someone who can interpret the law and apply it to your individual situation. At the Law Offices of Douglas W. Bond, we have been representing the injured for years and we know how to aggressively fight for your right to receive compensation and other benefits entitled to you by the law. Attorney Douglas W. Bonds has the:


Insurance companies are in the business to make money! Unless you have had years of experience valuing claims and long term benefits, you are probably going to short change yourself. In fact, most insurance companies will automatically offer a settlement that is much less than the true value of the case.  Having legal representation that is experienced and fighting for your rights gives you the peace of mind to concentrate on getting better. Attorney Douglas Bond’s legal carer began with representing insurance firms. He knows too well, the ploys of insurance companies. Attorney Bond’s knowledge of the law gives him the ability to negotiate fair compensation for you injury. And in the event a fair compensation cannot be negotiated on your behalf, Attorney Bond has the ability and authority to provide you:


Sometimes cases cannot be settled and they must go to court. Having the best lawyer on your side, fighting for your rights and benefits at a trial is imperative. The Law Offices of Douglas W. Bond  is ready and able to represent you. If you are unsure whether you have a case, contact the Law Offices of Douglas W. Bond at 407-628-2663 (BOND). We offer a FREE consultation and we don’t get paid unless you win.


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